Field of expertise

Family Law

Divorce / Separation

At DPS Attorneys we take great pride in the personal relationship we establish with our clients. DPS Attorneys assists couples who wish to enter into an amicable settlement upon separation as well as parties who seek a divorce but have not reached a settlement or anticipate a contested divorce.

We strive to uphold justice and fairness while applying the applicable laws. Our objective is to achieve success for our clients and their minor children. DPS Attorneys undertakes to protect our clients and their children’s rights throughout the divorce process – whether the settlement is amicable or if the divorce is contested or acrimonious.

DPS Attorneys draws on experience and expertise to keep clients fully advised of their rights and the applicable laws to enable informed decisions about a strategy to handle each, unique case.

Child Custody / Contact Rights

DPS Attorneys’ highest priority is upholding he best interests of minor children. Our experience covers a vast number of matters involving minor children, including parental rights and responsibilities towards minor children. 

Parental rights and responsibilities are defined in the Children’s Act, No 38 of 2005.  Matters that arise out of these rights and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, applications relating to the safety of children, mediating and drafting parenting plans, investigations into the best interests of minor children pertaining to contact rights with one parent – and which might lead to arguments for and against primary residence or shared / joint residence, adoptions, DNA testing and contact rights for grandparents, if applicable.   


A parent’s maintenance obligation towards a minor child is often a very contentious and complex calculation, and parties typically struggle to agree on maintenance. Our seasoned and experienced attorneys will assist in correctly calculating maintenance and provide proper advice in order to achieve the best results, while upholding the best interests of the children at all times.

Ante-Nuptial Contracts

Marriage is a beautiful institution and celebration of love and commitment. DPS Attorneys understands this, as well as the law. We provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of everything there is to know regarding the different matrimonial property regimes. This equips each individual client with the knowledge and advice to make the right decision, based on individual needs and requirements.

For a once-off, and all-inclusive, fee we will consult with you and your fiancé for one hour. We draft your chosen ANC and ancillary documents, and after signing on the same day of the consultation, we will attend to registering your ANC at the Deeds Office. We also contact you for the collection of your registered ANC once it’s been received from the Deeds Office.

Domestic Violence /
Harassment Interdicts

Matters pertaining to domestic violence or harassment are by their very nature regarded as both serious and urgent. Our experienced attorneys will assist in applying for a protection order, whether it be in terms of the Domestic Violence Act No 116 of 1998, or in terms of the Protection from Harassment Act No 17 of 2011. 

DPS Attorneys’ clients have peace of mind that their skilled team will make every effort to protect their rights.


We at DPS Attorneys, specialise in litigation, which means we have a true understanding of the Law and practical knowledge of the processes, procedures and the rules of Court, therefore we know how to best advance or clients’ rights. Our experienced legal team appears on behalf of our clients in various Magistrate’s Courts and High Courts throughout South Africa and pride ourselves on our successful track record to achieving both a satisfactory outcome and cost-effective solution in terms of both money and time for our clients.

Insurance Law

DPS Attorneys draws on more than 17 years’ experience to properly advise clients on any repudiation claim against any insurance company and commence litigation in respect thereof with confidence.  Mr Pierre Smit, of DPS Attorneys, has vast experience and knowledge in the field of insurance law, having acted for and against various leading insurance companies with a high success rate. 


DPS Attorneys has extensive knowledge and experience with all kinds of evictions whether it be residential (in terms of the PIE Act) or in relation to a farm or agricultural land (in terms of ESTA).  We have achieved many successes for our clients with eviction matters, which have, over the past few years, become extremely complex. 

The firm draws on specialised knowledge and experience to assist clients with the notorious battle between the rights of the occupier versus the rights of the property owner – and weighing up these rights against each other.

Motor vehicle accidents

DPS Attorneys has decades of experience in motor vehicle accidents. Our team produce excellent results and will ensure that you get a successful outcome and high-quality service when defending or instituting action against a third party for damages as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Debt Collecting

We provide excellent debt collecting services on your behalf, fairly and discretely from serving a letter of demand, drafting an acknowledgment of debt agreement to Magistrate’s Court and High Court Litigation as we have experience in dealing with debt collection and the obstacles creditors face on a daily basis.

Criminal Law

DPS Attorneys are highly sought after in the field of Criminal Law. We posses criminal expertise which allows us to act for our clients in criminal matters both in Magistrate’s Courts and High Courts.

Correspondent practice

Our offices facilitate acting as correspondent attorneys of record for other law firms from around South Africa. As a result of our well positioned location, our firm is able to cover numerous jurisdictions of various courts including Magistrate’s Courts, Regional Courts, Land Claims Courts, Labour Courts and the High Court throughout Johannesburg, Roodepoort and Randburg. We are well equipped to handle any correspondent requirements timeously, effectively and sufficiently and have done so for decades.