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The conduct of a lawsuit is called litigation. One who has a tendency to litigate rather than seek non-judicial remedies is called litigious. The plaintiffs and defendants are called litigants and the attorneys representing them are called litigators.

Labour Law

Labour law (also called labour law or employment law) is the body of laws, administrative rulings, and precedents which address the legal rights of, and restrictions on, working people and their organizations, which includes but is not limited to unfair dismissals, unfair labour practices and retrenchments.

Family Law

Family law is an area of the law that deals with family-related matters to maintain the matters of any family to retain harmony and peace issues and domestic relations. This field includes but is not limited to divorces, maintenance cases, matters relating to the Children’s Act such as father’s rights to have access to their children. This list is by no means dispositive of the potential issues that come through the family court system.


Insurance law is the name given to practices of law surrounding insurance, including insurance policies and claims. It can be broadly broken into three categories – regulation of the business of insurance; regulation of the content of insurance policies, especially with regard to consumer policies; and regulation of claim handling.


Professional debt collection services are handled in-house by our experienced staff. Collecting on your behalf, fairly and discretely.


In law, an appeal is a process for requesting a formal change to an official decision. The decision maker to whom the appeal is made may be a court, a board, a tribunal or even a single official.